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Whaddya at? And welcome to Steady Belt's home on the interwebs. Here's a little bit about us...

The B'ys

The B'ys–Chris Rodgers (center), Jonathan Brockerville (right), and Jason Mahon (left)–have been playing together through a succession of loosely connected garage bands, such as Steady Belt (in its first incarnation), The Cowb'ys, and the Bay County B'ys, for over a decade. Combining their love for Celtic, Newfie, country, and rock music, they formed Steady Belt (again) to craft an upbeat and entertaining live show that would appeal to a wide audience.


Chris "Buck" Rodgers hails from Bloomfield, Ontario, which is nestled in the picturesque region of Prince Edward County. A small-town boy at heart, he brings the best of rural Canadian sensibilities to the band with his country- and gospel-inspired clear cutting vocals, guitar, and harmonica work. In addition, drawing on his British and Irish roots, he has also taken up other folk instruments such as the tin whistle and the bodhran. Having lived in a number of diverse and character-rich places such as Scotland, Sudbury and now the Rideau River area of the Ottawa valley, Chris imparts an unparalleled authenticity and sense of history to the band, particularly to its Celtic and folk turns. His musical influences include Stompin' Tom Connors, Merle Haggard, and The Corries.


Jonathan "Brock" Brockerville grew up around the bay–Little Bay, Newfoundland, that is–on the east coast of the ruggedly beautiful Burin Peninsula. A small fishing village several hours away from the big city lights of St. John's, the "Bay" is no less alive with its vibrant music and close-knit community of family and friends. In his early teens, he picked up an electric guitar and soundly rejected the music of his homeland, embracing the melodic noise of Nirvana and Pearl Jam instead. As a young man he discovered the mesmerizing sounds of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and now, in an ironic twist of fate, the band has brought him full circle, back to the roots that he always knew he had–and he's loving it. With his quick fingers dancing up and down the mandolin's tiny fretboard and his gruff vocal style, Brock truly adds that "kitchen-party feel" to the group's live shows–the quintessential characteristic of a Newfoundland band.


Jason "J-Rock" Mahon was born and raised in the town of Torbay, Newfoundland, just minutes outside the capital city of St. John's. He provides efficiently smooth bass lines and is a great harmonic influence within the band–both figuratively and literally. When you hear that sweet vocal harmony coming in over the top, you can be sure it's his doing. Despite a highly eclectic taste in music, his roots are deeply entrenched in the Irish and Newfoundland folk genres, courtesy of a large and musical extended family. Jason's major influences include artists such as The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and their contemporaries.